Tuesday, November 22, 2011

CyLab Seminar Series: Nicolas Christin on Analyzing Search-Engine Manipulation Campaigns

CyLab Seminar Series: Four New iTunes and You Tube Videos Offer Glimpse into Compelling, Exclusive Content

Carnegie Mellon University CyLab is one of the world's premier academic research programs in the fields of cyber security and privacy research. With over fifty faculty members and over one hundred graduate students drawn from several colleges within CMU, CyLab research explores seven main research areas and seven cross-cutting research thrusts.

The CyLab program is fueled by the support of corporations and government agencies looking for both the vital research that delivers answers to difficult questions and the probing minds that articulate those answers.

Access to the weekly webcasts and on-line archive of Cylab Seminar Series is one of the exclusive benefits of membership in the CyLab's private sector consortium.

Every week, during the school year, the CyLab Seminar Series provides updates on the latest research by our faculty, as well as fby visiting scholars from other prestigious institutions. In addition to these academic research presentations, occasional Business Risks Forum events feature security experts from business and government to deliver invaluable insights on the facts on the ground in the operational environment.

Now CyLab is offering a rare glimpse into its Seminar Series with the release of four videos via both the CyLab You Tube Channel and CyLab at iTunesU, including this talk by CyLab researcher Nicolas Christin, who is also Associate Director of Institute of Information Networking (INI).

Nicolas Christin on Analyzing Search-Engine Manipulation Campaigns

As previously noted, these four videos are available both from the CyLab You Tube Channel and CyLab at iTunesU

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