Friday, March 13, 2009

New INI Track Offers Cyber Forensics

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New INI Track Offers Cyber Forensics

Here is some breaking news --

In Fall 2009, the INI will launch the Forensics Track to educate top talent in the cyber security field on how to conduct forensically sound digital investigations. It will be an option for students in Pittsburgh who are enrolled in either the Master of Science in Information Networking program or the Master of Science in Information Security Technology Management program. The INI offers the track in partnership with Carnegie Mellon's Software Engineering Institute (SEI), whose CERT® Program has long been at the side of government and law enforcement agencies when it comes to cyber forensics. ... Students who choose the Forensics Track as part of their master's program will obtain the skills and knowledge required to perform the investigations on computers and systems for which CERT has earned its reputation. CERT faculty, using state-of-the-art software, will teach each of the courses in the track and will include projects that give students hands-on experience. Upon completion, students will earn a certificate sanctioned by CERT, in addition to a master's degree in their program of choice.
The Forensics Track is the latest incentive offered at the INI to attract students who are interested in the field of information security. Another program, Scholarship for Service, provides a full scholarship to students who are U.S. citizens and willing to work for the government after graduation. The INI in partnership with Alta Associates also offers the Executive Women's Forum Fellowship, a full scholarship offered to an American minority student who will study information security.

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