Tuesday, March 24, 2009

CyLab Partners Speak Out on the Benefits of Partnernship

“We couldn’t be happier with our membership than we are.” Christopher Martin, Bosch

“With our external collaborations, we are seeking two things -- the best and the brightest people, and the best and the brightest ideas. That’s what brings us to CyLab.” Dennis Shou, Symantec

“That Carnegie Mellon brand goes along way, we advertise our association with CyLab on our web site, and as a cyber security company, we look at it as a strong halo effect on our brand.” Michael Concordia, BitArmor

“As we look at technology and innovation, there are always unintended consequences, CyLab acts as that branch or arm that allows us to respond proactively to those unintended consequences.” Jay Srini, University of Pennsylvania Medical Center (UPMC)

CyLab Partners Speak Out on the Benefits of Partnernship

CyLab is a world-class academic research program, with a unique multi-disciplinary approach, pursuing a vital goal: "Confidence in a Networked World."

Along the way, "CyLab harnesses the future to secure the present."

And what do we offer leaders in industry, technology and government?

"Partnering with CyLab sharpens the cutting edge."

In our ongoing efforts to communicate the reality of CyLab, how we chose to articulate our own mission is, of course, important; but the insights of our corporate partners are, arguably, at least as important.

So here are four brief videos featuring CyLab partners answering four vital questions. Take a few moments to listen to these voices of experiences.

For more information on the CyLab Partners program, click here.

-- Richard Power

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