Wednesday, May 6, 2009

CyLab Hosts Trusted Infrastructure Workshop, with Co-Sponsors including Giants of Industry and Government

Trusted Infrastructure Workshop (TIW) 2009
Advanced Summer School on Architectures for Trustworthy Computing
June 8-12, 2009 Pittsburgh, PA

When IT infrastructure technologies fail to keep pace with emerging threats, we can no longer trust them to sustain the applications we depend on in both business and society at large. Ranging from Trusted Computing to machine virtualization, new hardware architectures, and new network security architectures, trusted infrastructure technologies attempt to place security into the very design of commercial off-the shelf technologies.

TIW 2009 is aimed at all researchers in the field of IT security with an interest in systems and infrastructure security, as well as younger master's or PhD students who are new to the field. Funding is available to support students.

CyLab is proud to be hosting TIW 2009.

CyLab's co-sponsors are the National Science Foundation (NSF), Hewlett-Packard Labs, Sun Microsystems, Seagate, IBM and Fujitsu.

The TIW 2009 program includes --

Four keynote lectures

Seven technology lectures: Trusted computing architecture, TPM module, attestation, SW-based attestation, virtualization security, network security, and trusted storage.

Four research workshops: HW security, attestation in practice, OS security, verification and formal methods.

Three hands-on labs: TPM, trusted virtualization, trusted network connect.

Several social events and networking with other researchers are planned.

Speakers will be leaders from academia, industry, and government are delivering the lectures, labs, and workshops.

CyLab will be hosting this event.

Space is limited. For details and registration, are available at the TIW 2009 web site.