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Glimpses into the 9th Annual CyLab Partners Conference

CyLab Researchers Nicolas Christin, Rahul Telang, Alessandro Acquisti
9th Annual Cylab Partners Conference (October 2012)
Glimpses into the 9th Annual CyLab Partners Conference

[NOTE: This CyBlog post is also cross-posted as a CyLab Chronicles on the main CyLab web site.]

The 9th Annual CyLab Partners Conference was held at the main campus of Carnegie Mellon University (Pittsburgh, Pa.), on October 2nd and 3rd, 2012.

The Partners Confernce is an exclusive benefit of membership in the CyLab Partners program, and like the recruitment opportunities, reputational boost and Seminar webcasts, it is one of several benefits that is available to all Partners, whether at $25,000 level, the $100,000 level or the $350,000 level.

For two days, representatives from CyLab's corporate Partners recieve research updates from our work across a broad range of areas, e.g., Next Generation Internet, Trustworthy Computing, Mobility, Software Security, Usable Privacy and Security, Businss Risks and Economic Implications, and more. Perhaps even more important is the time to interact one on one with faculty researchers during breaks and meals, and to interact with CyLab's graduate students at the poster session.

Annual Partners Conference content is archived on the CyLab Partners Portal (another exclusive benefit of membership), including videos of the research presentations, along with .pdfs of the slides for each presentation, as well as electronic files of the student posters, documenting current projects.

To entice you to consider taking advantage of the benefits of CyLab partnership, and to contribute to the general dialogue on the vital issues of cyber security and privacy, we have posted a CyLab Partners Conference video sampler and some other content to both the CyLab YouTube Channel and the CyLab iTunesU Store.

The sampler, 9th Annual Partners Conferenece Excerpts, includes two or three minute snippets from each of the following six presentations:
  • Virgil Gligor - "On Foundations of Trust in Networksof Humans and Computers"
  • David Brumley - "Automatically Finding Exploitable Bugs in Off-The-Shelf Executables"
  • Mike Farb - "SafeSlinger: Applied Ad-Hoc Smartpone Trust Establishment"
  • Lorrie Cranor - "Measuring the Success of Web-based Spoofing Attacks on OS Password-Entry Dialogs" 
  • Collin Jackson - "Web Security" 
  • Rahul Telang - "Competition and Data Breaches"
  • Norman Sadeh - "Mobile Privacy"

Four full faculty researcher presentations have also been made available publicly:
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